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Correct text when no players are online for Kaelthas theme

parent 5dd8777e
......@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ require_once 'header.php'; ?>
echo "<p><span style='color: #F1A40F;font-weight: bold;'>{$onerealm['realmname']}</span> <span style='font-size: 12px;'>(Limited to show 49 player - Online players : " . user::get_online_players_count($onerealm['realmid']) . ")</span></p><hr>";
$online_chars = user::get_online_players($onerealm['realmid']);
if (!is_array($online_chars)) {
echo "<span style='color: #F1A40F;'>No have Online player.</span>";
echo "<span style='color: #F1A40F;'>No players are currently online.</span>";
} else {
echo '<table class="table table-dark"><thead><tr><th scope="col">Name</th><th scope="col">Race</th> <th scope="col">Class</th><th scope="col">Level</th></tr></thead><tbody>';
foreach ($online_chars as $one_char) {
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