Commit 2a9e3209 authored by Amin.MasterkinG's avatar Amin.MasterkinG
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Update config.php.sample

Update config file for account set addon.
parent 3637c4c0
......@@ -173,6 +173,11 @@ soap_cp_command
Change password command
account set password {USERNAME} {PASSWORD} {PASSWORD}
Check change password command in your server
If you use soap_for_register, You need to set this command.
This command will be run after soap_ca_command.
If you don't want to run any command after soap_ca_command you can make it empty like this: ''
account set addon {USERNAME} {EXPANSION}
$config['soap_for_register'] = false;
$config['soap_host'] = '';
......@@ -183,6 +188,7 @@ $config['soap_username'] = 'admin_soap';
$config['soap_password'] = 'admin_soap';
$config['soap_ca_command'] = 'account create {USERNAME} {PASSWORD}';
$config['soap_cp_command'] = 'account set password {USERNAME} {PASSWORD} {PASSWORD}';
$config['soap_asa_command'] = 'account set addon {USERNAME} {EXPANSION}';
You Auth/Realmd MySQL information.
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