Commit 2fea168f authored by Uģis Ozols's avatar Uģis Ozols
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No need to use ivar.

parent f91e8afa
......@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@ module Refinery
def news_item_archive_links
html = ''
@item_months = ::Refinery::News::Item.published.group_by {|i| i.publish_date.beginning_of_month}
@item_months.each do |month, items|
item_months = ::Refinery::News::Item.published.group_by {|i| i.publish_date.beginning_of_month}
item_months.each do |month, items|
if items.present?
text = "#{t("date.month_names")[month.month]} #{month.year} (#{items.count})"
html += "<li>#{link_to(text, refinery.news_items_archive_path(:year => month.year, :month => month.month))}</li>"
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