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## Todo list
* add support for amazon S3 storage
* create app tests
* show live links in admin
* allow to check which photo is photo album preview
* set albums public/not public.
* create pop-up window to upload photos from pages area, like page-images
* add checkboxes to delete multiple/all photos in album
* stop uploading
* add support for amazon S3 storage
* travis, codeclimate
......@@ -210,8 +209,6 @@ file extensions to upload queue. ( But server side validation reject these files
## Road map ?
* GPS editing in degrees,minute,seconds format
* album grouping by year (configurable)
* connect with refinerycms-pages to enable reordering in menu
* album/photo tags using acts_as_taggable ?
* show photo location on google maps ?
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