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Fix docker init

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FROM node:lts-alpine
# install simple http server for serving static content
RUN yarn global add --silent http-server
# install the vue-cli
RUN yarn global add --silent @vue/cli
# create app directory
RUN mkdir /app
# copy both 'package.json' and 'yarn.lock'
COPY package.json /app/
COPY yarn.lock /app/
# copy project files and folders to the current working directory (i.e. 'app' folder)
COPY . /app/
# make the 'app' folder the current working directory
# install project dependencies
#RUN yarn install --production=false
RUN yarn install
# build the app
RUN yarn run build
#RUN yarn run serve
...@@ -2,21 +2,11 @@ version: '3' ...@@ -2,21 +2,11 @@ version: '3'
services: services:
web: web:
build: image: node:lts-alpine
context: . working_dir: /app
dockerfile: Dockerfile
- NODE_ENV=development
volumes: volumes:
- .:/app - .:/app
- node_modules:/app/node_modules:rw
- ./dist:/app/dist:rw
ports: ports:
- "8080:8080" - "8080:8080"
# uncomment command below to run development version command: sh -c "yarn install && yarn run serve"
command: "yarn run serve" # command: sh -c "yarn install && yarn run build"
# command: "http-server dist"
# dist:
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